A model isn’t just someone who looks good or shoot great. NONE of the top models got where they’re at solely as a result of their looks. A model’s job is to REPRESENT BRAND, whether these brands relate to tangible goods, such as clothing, makeup, photographer’s work, etc.

As Versace famously advised, models achieve maximum success by being a walking clothes hanger for designers and showcasing designs down the runway. If you are a model that is hiding behind a private profile, you are therefore doing yourself a disservice.

Remember, Every Designer, Photographers, Make-up Artist, Hair Stylist, etc. that you work with is a Brand you are OBLIGATED to represent, as a model. You can’t be a public figure (which is what a model is) representing brands behind a private profile.

We here at DMF Fotopro Photography take our job very seriously, we are very professional and we go over and beyond to make sure our models are noticed.


I am a person of the arts, been a Chef, Baker, Pastry Chef and Photographer, Photography is my Passion. Feel free to Contact Me.

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